Brian Walpole

The joy of creating truly world-class fitness spaces with unparalleled services and innovation has been my driver in this industry for nearly 20 years.

The Rec Room is a unique concept founded on a comprehensive approach to everything related to enhancing your health and vitality while making it as easy as possible to integrate into your daily life. Our Optimise, Train, and Restore pillars are the key to this success and our team provides every facet required on our clients journey. Feeling and looking healthy should be a top priority and having the right facilities, team, and service options around you to do so is the key.

Rachel Boraston

Rachel has always been passionate about health and fitness, having competed for her home county in gymnastics and netball, as well as performing as a ballerina for 13 years. Her professional career has led her down many managerial pathways, including working for an international luxury fashion brand in retail management for six years whilst living in the UK. Grand Cayman is Rachel’s second home, having first moved here in 2009. Rachel has been an integral part of The Rec Room team for the past two years, managing operations and client relations.


James Finn

James’ career spans 15 years and four continents. As a trainer, educator, and mentor James has worked with collegiate athletes, Junior World Champions, Olympians, professional athletes, and high-achieving individuals from the world of business.

Compassion and purpose are hallmarks of James’ approach to training, with your unique needs, goals, and experience serving as its foundation. With a bachelor´s Degree in Sports Rehabilitation, a Master´s Degree in Strength & Conditioning, and an unrivaled fascination with optimizing all facets of one’s life, James is well-positioned to support you on your wellness journey.

Aaron Froelich

Aaron has over 10 years of experience in training clients to help them achieve their health and fitness goals ranging from fat loss to building muscle. During his time at some of the most exclusive facilities in London and Dubai he has trained some of the world’s leading business personalities and A-List celebrities.

Aaron has a BSc honors degree in Human Nutrition which has helped him achieve optimal health and aesthetic goals with his clients.


Paul McMahon

Having studied at the Institute of Physical Therapy and Applied Science in Dublin, Ireland, Paul quickly moved into the sphere of professional sport where he worked for 12 years. During that time he treated professional athletes and Olympians from Rugby, NHL, NFL, Rowing, Running, and field events.

Paul´s treatment style is very much about empowering the client to understand their condition or physical deficits. Treating these with manual massage therapies, improving function while reducing pain and increasing confidence to maintain or return to an active lifestyle. Paul´s primary focus at The Rec Room is to ensure the therapy department provides the best soft tissue therapy experience on the island.

Taylor Ball

Taylor studied Sport and Exercise Science at the University of South Wales. He focused his undergraduate years on concussion and traumatic brain injury research before graduating with honors. He later moved on to the University of Bath to study soft tissue therapy. He has since worked with professional track and field athletes and has been heavily involved with professional and amateur rugby teams.

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