These Terms may change as we continue to evolve our business, as well as the Digital Properties or any portion thereof. If we change these Terms, we will post the revised document here and such changes will be effective immediately upon that posting. Your continued use of the Digital Properties constitutes your acceptance of such changes and agreement to be bound by the modified Terms, and so we recommend that you review these Terms periodically when accessing or using the Digital Properties.

We recommend that you print or otherwise save a copy of these Terms, as updated from time to time, for your reference.

These terms were last updated: August 20th, 2021

Informal Dispute Resolution

Our goal is to do our best to ensure that every experience with The Rec Room will exceed your expectations. If that doesn’t happen, we hope you will give us the opportunity to try to address any problem or concern. To do so, please contact us by visiting http://www.therecroom.com/contactus. When contacting us, we ask that you include your name, address, phone number and email address, and a description of your problem or concern and any specific relief you seek.


Some portions of the Digital Properties may invite or require you to create an account and associated log-in credentials, and you may not be able to access certain Content or features, functionalities, or services of the Digital Properties, without creating and logging into such an account. In some instances, the right to create an account may be limited to current members of The Rec Room in good standing. You agree to provide true, accurate and current information when creating an account, and you are responsible for updating your account information as needed to ensure it remains current. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your log-in credentials, and you hereby acknowledge and agree that you are fully responsible and liable for all usage and activities that occurs under your account, whether authorized by you or not. You agree to notify The Rec Room immediately if you know of or suspect any unauthorized use of your account or password or any other breach of security related to your account. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these Terms, The Rec Room reserves the right to deny the creation of, suspend access to or terminate any account(s), or to remove or modify Content, features, functionalities and/or services available to account holders, at any time in its sole discretion and without prior notice or liability to you.


Certain features or functionalities of the Digital Properties may permit you to upload, post or share your content, images, videos, pictures, statements and comments (collectively, “User Content”) and/or comment on or otherwise interact with other Digital Property users and their postings. You are solely responsible and liable for your User Content and for your use of the Digital Properties, including your interactions with other users and any disputes or disagreements that may arise in connection therewith. User Content may not reflect our views, and The Rec Room does not endorse any User Content that you or others provide. You acknowledge and agree that you may find your interactions with other users, as well as their User Content, objectionable, offensive or otherwise inappropriate and you shall have no right against The Rec Room based on User Content of others, to the maximum extent permitted by law.

As a condition of your right to access and use the Digital Properties, you hereby acknowledge and agree to comply with the following rules:

In the Public Eye: Your User Content and interactions with other users must be suitable for presentation in a public forum. User Content that you upload, post or share will not be treated as confidential and will be made available to, and may be read, collected, recorded, copied and used by, other users of the Digital Properties. Your User Content may not contain, any personally identifiable information, including contact information, for you or any person.

No Foul Play: You may not use the Digital Properties to bully, threaten, abuse, harass, degrade or mock any other user. Your User Content and interactions with other users may not contain, depict or promote any threats to any person, place, business or group or any damage to or theft of physical or personal property. You may not interfere with any other user from enjoying or using the Digital Properties.

Keep It Clean: Your User Content and interactions with other users may not contain, depict, or promote any libelous, defamatory, profane, obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit, indecent (including by virtue of nudity), lewd, or otherwise inappropriate content. Your User Content may not contain or depict, and you may not use, any symbols, words or slurs that are widely considered offensive to individuals of a certain race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic group.

Play It Safe: Your User Content and interactions with other users may not contain, depict or promote any unreasonably dangerous or reckless behavior or activity, including without limitation violence, abuse, cruelty to animals, use of illegal drugs, excessive or inappropriate use of alcohol or legal drugs or any conduct that constitutes a criminal offense or gives rise to civil liability.

Own It: You must own your User Content, and you may not upload, share, post, transmit, or otherwise distribute or facilitate the distribution of any content that is fraudulent or that infringes any patent, trademark, copyright, right of publicity, or other intellectual property, privacy or proprietary right of any third party.

Be Yourself: You may not impersonate any other individual or falsely state or misrepresent your professional or other affiliation The Rec Room or with any other person or entity.

Not for Sale: Your User Content and interactions with other users may not contain, depict or promote, any advertising or commercial activity, including without limitation by offering products or services, conducting sweepstakes or contests, or otherwise sharing or transmitting unsolicited advertising, spam or junk or bulk messages. You may not use the Digital Properties to solicit or collect personally identifiable information from or about any other users.

Damage Control: You may not upload, share, post or otherwise distribute or facilitate the distribution of a software virus or any other computer code that is designed or intended to disrupt, damage, or limit the functioning of the Digital Properties, in whole or in part, or any systems or equipment of The Rec Room or any other end user. You may not use any bots or automated software or device to upload, post or share User Content or to automatically post comments on other users’ content.

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